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Which Lotto Game Has the Best Odds of Winning?

Every year, millions of Americans play the lottery in hopes that today will be their lucky day and they’ll take home thousands – or millions – in prizes. While much of winning can be put down to luck alone, mathematician Jared James of Lotto Edge Software Company recently shared his expertise on The Bobby Bones Show regarding which lottery scratch-off tickets have the best chances.

James on his show discussed setting your prize target and then choosing games with high odds of winning within your target range. If possible, purchasing multiple tickets increases statistically your odds of success; as evidenced by one North Carolina man winning $5million by buying multiple tickets for an older high-prize lottery game still having its odds available to him.

He noted that twoby2 (which can be played in Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota and Wyoming), Texas Cash Five and Fantasy 5 are some of the easiest lottery games to win; SuperLotto All or Nothing Tennessee Megabucks may prove more challenging.

As part of our effort to help you make an informed decision when it comes to lottery purchases, we’ve compiled a chart displaying current lotto odds for popular US lotteries. It outlines your chances of winning each game as well as the tickets needed for specific prizes – and includes Powerball jackpot odds as well.

This chart ranks tickets by minimum number needed to guarantee winning a prize and odds for each prize category so you can easily see which have higher odds than others.

At first glance, odds for winning the top prizes appear as a percentage chance of taking home all of the jackpot prize pool; other prize categories depend upon total ticket sales for that specific drawing.

Note that winning odds are calculated through intricate multiplication, division and factorial calculations that require complex multiplications and divisions to produce a mathematical formula that’s difficult to decipher completely. There are however certain things you can do to increase your odds of success such as choosing uncommon numbers from 1 through 31 that decreases the risk of sharing prizes with other players; additionally it would be wise to try selecting different numbers each time; numbers are randomly selected so there may be instances in which one number repeats but unlikely as often as you might think!

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